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The Oklahoma Claim Association, Inc. will allocate funds on an annual basis, if available, to provide a scholarship or scholarships to active members and/or to children of active members of the Oklahoma Claim Association, Inc. The Executive Board will decide the amount and number of scholarships.

Frequency of Award

The award will be given annually, with the amount and number of awards to be determined by the executive board.


Applicant shall complete the online application provided on this website and submit it to the association no later than July 31st of the application year. Selection will be made by the executive board each year; the board’s decision is final. 

For the complete Guidelines and Requirements, please see the document below.

Guidelines for Scholarships  (Please Review)

For the online scholarship, please see the link below.
Scholarship Application

Previous Scholarship Recipients









 Ed Trexler Memorial  Nicholas Standifer  Laura Standifer
 Pat Trexler Memorial  Kylie VanEck Tony VanEck
 OCA  Jake Travis Susan Travis
Ed Trexler Memorial  Lori Bergman  Member
 Pat Trexler Memorial  Ashley Massey  David Massey
 OCA  Zachary Selvidge  George Adkins
 OCA  Cole McGavock Brett McGavock
Ed Trexler Memorial  Ben DeCuyper  John DcCuyper
 Pat Trexler Memorial Cierra Chapman Rondia Chapman
 OCA  Nathan Lee Mike Lee
 Elizabeth Jackson  Jennifer Gottovi
 Ed Trexler Memorial Keaton VanEck Tony VanEck
 Pat Trexler Rachel Watkins Terry Watkins
OCA Pepper Warrick Mike Buxton
 OCA Marigrace Montogmery John Montgomery
 Ed Trexler Memorial  Matt Massey David Massey
 Pat Trexler  Abby Archer  Debbie Archer
 OCA  Braxton Buxton Mike Buxton
 OCA  Alexandra (Lexie) Ashley  Mike Ashley
 TRC Disaster Solution  Michelle Hall  Richard Hall
 TRC Disaster Solution  Andria Smith  Aaron Smith
 2012 Ben Rutledge  Sam Rutledge
   Taylor Egger  
   Emily DeCuyper  John DeCuyper
   Aspen Fryer  Greg Fryer
   Jake Choate  Julie Choate
 2011 Paula Houghton  Gary Houghton
   Alicia Waggoner  
   C. Kirk Crider  
 2010 Janislynn Dorris Tanya Dorris
   Zackery Wayne Lee  Mike Lee
   Sydney Talley  Tracy Talley
 2009 Julie Ann Miller  James Miller
   Anthony Van Eck Self
   Kelsey Jordan Jack Jordan
 2008  Jessica Gurule  
   Courtney Bryant Brad Bryant
   Sarah Greenwalt  
 2007  Adam Bale  Rahsa Bale
   Megan Gaylor  Randy Gaylor
   Nick Dorris  Tanya Dorris
 2005  Emily Belt  Greg Belt
   Bruce Cobb  
 2004  Eric Cotton  Mitch Cotton
   Sara Buchan  Scott Buchan
   Matthew Costilow  


Gary Mabry


Wendy Willis Perceful




Ashley Cotton


Mitch Cotton




Blake Hall


Steve Hall










Stephanie Hotaling


John Hotaling




Lacey Watts


Ron Watts










Jennifer R. Scott


Wendy Willis Perceful




Colby Hall


Steve Hall










Kari Cook


Jim Phipps




BJ Donalson


Randy Donalson










Meredith E. Robertson


Daniel Robertson




William Brownlee


Leon Brownlee










Jill Mayes


Mike Mayes




Megan Hotaling


John Jotaling










Leeca Millwee


Nita Millwee




Chad David Woodward


Ann Woodward Seibel










Chad Perceful


Wendy Willis Perceful




John Guthrie


Jim Guthrie




Christopher Musson


Chuck Musson




Brian Larwig


Paula Larwig Bookout










Jason Harvey


Dan Harvey




Mark Mayes


Mike Mayes




Kelli Sullivan


Mike Sullivan




Michael Millwee


Nita Millwee










James Guthrie II


Jim Guthrie




Drew Anderson


Ben Anderson










Jason Crain


Ron Crain




Lisa Michelle Carney


Phyllis Sasser-Johnson










Joshua Allen Perceful


Wendy Willis Perceful




John Cary


Dick Cary